The Possibilities Wealth Offers

Prosperity is more than a number.
It’s the power to shape what’s possible.
For you. Your Family. Your Heirs.
Our role is helping you explore that potential.
Then we set about making your possibilities true reality.

Our Philosophy

Your Chief Prosperity Officer®

Your Chief Prosperity Officer® is the one role you know is dedicated to translating your wealth into goals attained.

As Chief Prosperity Officer®, we assemble the ideal fit of insurance, investments, wills and trusts to support your vision.

And that makes all your work worth the effort.

Learn About Your Chief Prosperity Officer®

The Value-Driven Heir

How will you ensure inherited wealth doesn’t spell disaster for your heirs?

After you’re gone, will your assets actually be used to create the life you envision for them?

Our NextGEN services are the avenue for your values and legacy to be transmitted to the next generation.

NextGen Services

Benefit from Our Mastermind

There exists in this country a select mastermind roundtable, of which FDP is a part.

There we gather quarterly to share and review the latest best practices for wealth retention and growth in light of global economic developments.

For more than 30 years, we have never ceased learning, refining and growing, all to deliver on your goals.

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